2010-07-29 11:46 pm

Let me Explain

In the time since I posted to my real blog I've become a Doctor Who obsessive. This may seem like a stupid thing to have become but I have my mission: To take over from Steven Moffat when his time is up and do even better.

It's a big mission, sure, but that's just the way I think. Aim high, see what happens. Worst that can happen is absolute failure.

So, yes, First it's Colin Baker, then McCoy and now its the 5th Doctor and I'm coming to the conclusion that most Doctor Who isn't actually that brilliant at all. Why do I keep watching it? Well... I don't really know. I guess I feel like I should have seen Old Who... turns out there's an interesting back story to the Time Lords and so on, although I've got more from Wikipedia than I have from the little bits and pieces dropped into actual episodes.

Wish I could write though. Sick of the writer's block.
2010-07-29 11:44 pm

Magic Secret Post Stuff

Oh dear. I've entirely forgotten my proper blog again.

Sod it.
2009-04-23 10:27 pm

Absolutely Frickin' Knackered

Oh, you know, this having another SEKRIT blog is brilliant.

Since the weekend I've been doing this contract work for a local company. I told them I could do it in 20 hours. Ended up taking 35 hours and have spent the last two nights staying up till 2:30 am programming... meanwhile my main blog, which finally attracted some serious interest, has been completely neglected and I've probably miss that particular window of opportunity. Oh well.

Thank frick I got it finished last night, which means I can now start work getting the Ultra Secret Project ready for Live on Monday. This one terrifies me. I'm accidentally getting involved with 'things' these days, but this one people will almost certainly have an opinion on. Am reluctant to turn away any offer of paid work that I can reasonably accept.

Here's to having an early night for the first time all week..
2009-04-23 11:37 am

Could this be a private blog?

Hello, I am Charlotte Gore and I have been invited to join the Dreamwidth Beta. Who am I to refuse new shiny?

Maybe I'll use this like a secret private blog to talk about personal stuff. Maybe I'll use it to stalk Jennie Rigg... so many possibilities.

Mildly curious about the various empty boxes that appear all over the place. And Dreamwidth is very pink.